The Bitcoin bridge protocol
to move Bitcoins into WBTC.

Struggling to use your Bitcoins in DeFi?

Swingby is a decentralized proof-of-stake network that uses advancements in cryptography research to let you move your tokens between chains without a trusted party.

Swingby Skybridge connects the Bitcoin chain to the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • 100% Trustless
  • No Price Slippage
  • Works With All Wallets

Bridge to DeFi in 3 steps:

First step, add address send from and to.

Book a swap

Using our simple widget, select the coin that you would like to swap from and to. Once you have entered in your destination address, press "Swap".

Second step, send or convert tokens.

Send tokens

Next, the widget will request for a specific amount of coins to be sent to a displayed address. The requested amount is slightly less since it has a POW element applied to it.

Final step, completed transaction, receiving the tokens.


Once the requested coins have been sent and confirmed, Skybridge Metanodes will form a consensus and deliver your new coins to your destination address.

Full WBTC to BTC tutorial >

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